training Satson Global Network is a specialist IT Services and Solutions provider that train and helps clients Plan, Build, Support, Manage their IT Organization, infrastructure, Services and Solutions. We represent original equipment manufacturers, software and allied technology companies across the globe. We help solve performance problems of organizations using information technology and managing clients’ information technology assets through the provision of advisory services, Business and Systems Integration, Project Management and Training/IT Support services. The training is delivered by professional and highly qualified consultants, all of whom have extensive experience in a variety of industries

Satson GNL is activitely involved in the expansion and development of ICT in Nigeria and African. Some duties that our IT professionals perform include  System Integration, Application Development, Mobile Device Management, data management, networking, engineering computer hardware, database and software design, as well as the management and administration of entire systems. Information technology is starting to spread farther than the conventional personal computer and network technology, and more into integrations of other technologies such as the use of cell phones, televisions, automobiles, and more. (internet of Everything)

When computer and communications technologies are combined, the result is information technology, sometimes called "infotech." Information technology is a general term that describes any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, communicate, and/or disseminate information.

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